The Struggles Of Following Your Parents To Their Friend’s House

August 1, 2016

1. When your parents are warning you not to eat anything in their friend’s house

Na wa for una.

2. How they greet each other:

Old people sha.

3. When the first thing their friend says to you is “you’ve added oh.”

What should I now do?

4. When they start complaining about your hair, your dress, or how you greeted them.

It’s not your fault sha. It’s my mother that dragged me here.

5. How your mother looks at you when her friend offers you food:

“I’ve already eaten, ma.”

6. When your parents are gisting with their friend and you try to add mouth.

Ah sorry ma.

7. When you misbehave and your mother gives you that ‘when we get home’ look.

I’m dead oh!

8. When your parents start reporting things you did months ago to their friends.

Can we move on though?

9. When your parent’s friends think they are substitute parents and start giving life advice.

Can you not?

10. When your parents make you wash all the plates you met in their friend’s sink.

I’m now house help for rent, abi?

11. When they force you to go and play with their children that you don’t even know.

Chai! Is it by force?

12. When you were done with the visit 3 hours ago but your parents are still lost in their gist.


13. When your parents say “let us go” and they actually stand up to go.

Praise Jesus!

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