Do Your Parents Think They Are Young And Funky? This Is For You!

October 25, 2016

1. When their reply to your greeting is “yo” or “wassup”

Please who taught you that one?

2. When you go for parties and they start dancing like they don’t have back problems.

I won’t call your doctor oh!

3. When your dad has an “old boys” meeting and squeeze’s himself into some “cool clothes”.

Old soldier never dies!

4. When your parents start trying to learn rap lyrics.

What for oh!

5. When you are going out and they say they want to come and “catch cool fun”.

Better sit down at home!

6. When your friend come to visit you and your parents try to involve themselves in the gist.

Sir and ma please come and be going!

7. When your parents meet up with their friends from secondary school and start misbehaving like they are still 17.

You people don’t know your age.

8. When you tell them to take it easy, they look at you like:

Who asked you oh?

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