10 Struggles Of Teaching Your Nigerian Parents To Use Gadgets

December 17, 2015

1. When they ask what a button does, and it’s written right there.

My god!

2. When you have to constantly remind yourself that there are no stupid questions.

The lord is just testing me.

3. When you somehow have to convince them to learn to use it, like they’re doing you a favour.

Mommy, just learn now!

4. When they refuse to understand why you wouldn’t want to be friends on social media.

Unfriend. Unfollow. Mute. Block. Delete.

5. When they’re convinced that internet explorer is a browser.

Even internet explorer doesn’t think that.

6. When you try to explain something over the phone and they’re just not getting it.


7. And when you do help in person, it’s painstakingly slow.

Time is definitely standing still.

8. And then, if you succeed in teaching them, they think they know more about it than you.

This life!

9. When they blame you once something goes wrong with their phone or computer.


10. When you finally teach them to use Whatsapp and BBM and the first thing they do is create a family group.

Why do bad things happen to good people?!

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