This One Is For All The Awesome School Parents We Had In Boarding School

December 7, 2016

1. When that yeye senior in SS1 tries to punish you, but your school mother in SS3 steps in and shows her who’s boss

2. When you tell her you’re hungry and she makes it her mission to feed you

3. When they ban juniors from Social Day, but your school father was mouthed and he lets you in

4. Those times when your school father seized other people’s contraband, then shared it with you

5. When you complain about how algebra has finished confusing your soul and they take the time to explain it to you

6. Once you tell your school-parent you’re feeling any kind of head ache or body-pain

7. When they finally graduate and leave you behind

8. All the seniors they punished because of you just start looking at you like:

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