10 Olympic Sports You Can Start Practicing In Time For Tokyo 2020

August 31, 2016
The Olympics are well over but we were super gingered by Japan’s amazing display at the Closing Ceremony in Rio. Because of that,we are ready to do wuru-wuru to the answer, so we can qualify for Tokyo 2020.

1. Archery *a.k.a Bow and Arrow*

Think of it as point and kill! Very easy something!

2. Badminton

Just hit the ball pam pam pam! Finish!

3. Shooting

After all the play-play gun moves we’ve had since we were kids, this one is just a piece of easy cake!

4. Canoe Sprint

We can all do row, row, row your boat now!

5. Equestrian

All the people riding horses at Bar-beach can organize for this one jor.

6. Rhythmic gymnastics *women-only*

If you can jump and dance like Eyo Masquerades, this one is for you.

7. Water polo

If you don’t have a swimming pool near you, take advantage of the recent rains and practice in your nearest gutter.

8. Fencing

This one is too easy abeg. Just chook someone with a fake sword and you win!

9. Artistic gymnastics

Simple somersaulting hian!

10. Synchronised swimming

Our mammy-water people can organize some ‘shoki’ moves underwater abeg.

Let’s just drop this video here so our mammy waters can use it for practice when they go for meetings.

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