All The Things That Happen When Your Oga Travels

February 7, 2017

1. So out of nowhere your oga decides to travel.

2. First he says it’s a family issue.

3. Then small time he changes mouth and says it’s for a much needed holiday.

4. Next thing, you hear that it’s a medical issue.

5. When you ask what type of medical issue, he’s like:

6. Okay no problem! What of a return date?

7. Small time his PA starts saying he has spoken to someone, who has spoken to someone who has spoken to him, and all is well.

8. So even oga’s PA too no longer has direct access!

9. Meanwhile oga is uploading snazzy pics on facebook.

10. Making new friends and feeling funky!

11. The long and short of the story is, which day are you coming back sir?

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