17 Nollywood Translators That Need To Learn Their Work

July 28, 2016
Instead of doing their translating work, these Nollywood translators were doing everything else:

1. This translator that did not sleep well before work.

2. The translator that is getting paid less than minimum wage.

3. The translator that did not eat before work:

4. The translator they are owing salary:

5. The translator that is on strike:

6. The translator that is looking for career change:

7. The translator that has just given up completely:

8. The translator that was distracted by chest and jacuzzi:

9. When the translator’s deadline is midnight and it’s 11:55pm:

10. This translator that failed spelling class:

11. This translator that is afraid to just say “single”:

12. The translator that was gossiping at work instead of translating.

13. This translator that would clearly rather start their own business:

14. This translator that got carried away with the parable:

15. This translator that REALLY needs to learn their work:

16. This translator that was watching Peak milk advert:

17. This translator that was busy reading Zikoko instead of doing their work:

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