19 Pictures Every Nigerian On Facebook Will Relate To

May 5, 2016

1. When someone dies and people start writing “tell me it’s not true” on their wall.

You want them to reply you?

2. When you see someone’s name written like this:


3. When someone thanks you for accepting their friend request.

I’m not a celebrity na.

4. When someone tags you in a photo you’re not in.

What is it?

5. You, when you get a notification and see it’s a candy crush invitation.


6. When one of your aunties comes to drop a comment on your picture.

“Who is that girl with you?”

7. When someone without any mutual friends sends you a friend request.

From where, biko?

8. When your parents send you a friend request.

God forbid.

9. When someone tells you to like a picture so they can win a competition.

Will you give me out of the money?

10. When people start chatting in the comments section of your post and you keep getting notifications.

Better leave this place.

11. When someone you haven’t talked to since secondary school sends you “hi”.

This one wants something.

12. When someone who isn’t your friend messages you saying they want to “get to know you.”

Go and know Jesus, biko.

13. When you see “works at student” on someone’s profile.

I don’t understand.

14. When someone tries to tell you that “Facebook is outdated”

Shut up, abeg.

15. When it’s your birthday and someone writes “HBD” on your wall.

You cannot type the full “Happy Birthday” abi?

16. When friends that have your phone number decide to message you on Facebook.

Do you think I sleep here?

17. When you see all those “Like if you love Jesus, Ignore if you don’t” posts

Is it by that one?

18. When you see people post nonsense like this:

This one is not serious.

19. When someone adds you to a group that does not concern you.


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