13 Fashion Brands That Basically Made Up Every Nigerian’s Childhood

June 2, 2016

1. Bata

Responsible for our back to school swag.


Paired with those extremely baggy jeans.

3. Aerosoft

Kito’s only competition.

4. Phat Farm

They had the best baggy jeans.

5. Baby Phat

Phat Farm for girls.

6. Timberland

The boots everyone wanted.


People sha swore it was yoruba.

8. Kito

The sandals everyone loved.

9. Rocawear

Uncle Jay Z’s attempt.

10. Jellys

Every little girl had these.

11. Sean John

Diddy blessed us with this.

12. Teva

If you didn’t have aerosoft and kito then you could manage these.

13. Tommy Hilfiger

This brand suffered in our hands.

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