15 Nigerian Meals That Will Treat You Better Than Your Current Bae

August 9, 2016

1. Ogbono soup that will never forget to send you ‘good morning’ texts:

2. Banga soup that will always notice when you change your hairstyle:

3. Egusi soup that will ignore Premier league to gist with you:

4. Efo riro that will use it’s school fees to buy you the latest iPhone:

5. Okro soup that will let you cheat on it in peace.

6. Puff puff that will take you to Dubai for Valentine’s day.

7. Akara that won’t wait for you to be broke before blessing you with credit alert:

8. Dodo that will stay awake and fan you when NEPA takes light at night:

9. Ewa Agoyin that won’t start squeezing face when you ask to meet it’s family:

10. Nkowbi that will buy YOU something on its own birthday:

11. Asun that will let you eat it when you say you’re hungry:

12. Catfish peppersoup that will never take more than 10 seconds to reply your messages:

13. White rice and stew that will give you Bella Naija proposal:

14. Fried rice that will always send you monthly allowance out of its salary:

15. Jollof rice that will buy car for you when it’s still jumping bus:

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