15 Lies You’ll Hear When A Nigerian Guy Likes You

May 25, 2016

1. “You look familiar.”

The Nigerian pick-up line as old as our independence.

2. “I only want to get to know you.”

He actually means “know” in the biblical sense.

3. “I just want us to be friends.”

The screensaver lie. He is still planning you.

4. “I’m single.”

Single = Less than 3 women.

5. “I have a girlfriend but we are having issues.”

He is the “issue”.

6. “I’m going to leave her for you.”

Don’t hold your breath.

7. “You’re the only girl I’m talking to.”

You’re not even the only girl he is talking to that second.

8. “She is just a friend.”

Yeah, they’ve been “friends” for 5 years and they have 2 children.

9. “I’m ignoring other girls because of you.”

Na so.

10. “I’ve never met anyone like you before.”

Save it.

11. “I’m not like other guys.”

He means he is worse.

12. “I’d never cheat on you.”

He actually means he’ll never get caught.

13. “I don’t play games.”

He will now turn you to PlayStation.

14. “I love you.”

After just 5 minutes of meeting you. Oshey, Disney Prince.

15. “I’m ready for marriage.”

You’ll now end up engaged for 10 years.

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