Our Country Didn’t Generate Any Electricity AT ALL for 3 hours Yesterday

April 1, 2016

Yesterday, there was no light in Nigeria. Yeah, we know, we know…you probably haven’t had light in 2 weeks. Well, I haven’t had light in 4 weeks, but that’s not the point.

We mean that for THREE HOURS, all of the power generating stations in Nigeria were generating a combined total of…wait for it…0MW!!!!

Zero, Zilch, Nothing!

For once, for three hours, the rich were equal to the poor. But that’s not the only thing that happened:

1. Alhaji Putin, sorry Dangote and co were on the same level with the rest of us

Welcome to the club!

2. Even Linda Ikeji’s Banana Island mansion didn’t have light

Eh ya! After she has talked about the house a lot!

3. For those 3 hours, the depressing forex wahala didn’t even matter

Forex can wait abeg!

4. Power-bank owners were the most powerful people in the country, literally and figuratively

They got the power!

5. Some people didn’t even realize that this was happening, as per one with the darkness

*Cries in perpetual darkness*

6. President Buhari left on Wednesday, no light in the country on Thursday. Not saying he saw it coming but…

We see you, Daddy Bubu, we see you!

7. In those 3 hours, PHCN was busy selling agege bread, a la Olajumoke

Because, that transformation is badly needed abeg.

For Nigeria to keep up with the developmental pace of other coutries, these power issues need to be fixed. *Drops hand fan*

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