9 Meals Only People Who Went To Boarding School In Nigeria will Understand

December 12, 2015
If you ever attended boarding school in any part of Nigeria, there are a number of food compositions only insiders knew about and how dope these were. Here are a few popular ones along with their constituents.

1. Cabin Flakes AKA Pako Flakes

This exclusive combination of Biscuits and milk tastes like heaven. You could have it either soaked completely or still crunchy.

2. Soak and Travel (Garri)

This was the test of how high can you rise or the garri austerity measure. Little garri in a massive amount of water left for about seven hours and then add the rest of the ingredients added after school was over; Sugar, Groundnuts oh Lord!

3. Soak and Travel (Indomie)

Necessity is the mother of invention. Legend has it that this recipe came about in hostels that prohibited boiling rings. A number of people enjoyed it some just did not have a choice.

4. “Thick soakings”

From the name “thick” you know its about to be yummy. It could be from Milo or milk so far the liquid is thick and heavy its perfect. What do you mean that’s too much milk?

5. “Imported/Fence Suya”

A large number of hostels did not allow students leave the school premises. What other way to enjoy suya than to “import” it or haul it over the “fence”. Oh come on we know that’s a good word for smuggled.

6. “Contraband”

Experienced boarding school students know anything smuggled into the hostel is always sweeter. From canned food, sardines, noodles, seasoning, geisha, caned peak milk. These were heaven on earth for boarders.

7. “Chocobombom”

This could pass on a menu as “House made chocolate bars” with Milo or Bournvita packed into paper or foil and ironed. Don’t deny it, we’ve all been there.

8. Concoction

This was usually the “midterm meal” when the hostel was relatively empty and the housemasters lenient and an access to a boiling ring, rice, pepper, oil, sardines, and any other condiments. Next to Jollof rice.

9. Toast Bread

This involved using these two items and it did make a good toast. don’t judge, where do you think the toast came from? Yes necessity is the mother of invention was the motto.

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