12 Things That Every Nigerian Girl Remembers About Making Their Hair In Secondary School

January 11, 2016

1. When they call the hairstyle for the week today, but you already made your hair yesterday.

Now you have to loosen it.

2. When the hairstyle for the week is Koroba and you just know your slay is suspended for the week.

No one looks good in that.

3. When it’s time to make your hair and the hairdresser puts your head between her legs.

When will this end?

4. When she starts to comb your very due hair.

No chill?

5. When someone pulls the hair you just made.

Do you want to die?

6. When your hairstyle is slightly different and they call you out at assembly.

7. When you catch sight of the girls on low-cut just looking unbothered.

The envy, oh god!

8. Then you tell your mother you want to cut your hair.

What is this one saying?

9. When there is no general hairstyle for the week.

Let my slay be unleashed.

10. How you feel when those colored beads are fancying up your hair – even though it’s not allowed.

Bow down!

11. Then that teacher that hates you catches you, and it’s downhill from there.

Why God?!

12. When the boy you have a crush on tells you your hair is fine.

I can die now.

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