How To Make A Typical Nigerian Christian Music Video

April 24, 2016
Making a Christian music video in Nigeria is not a joking matter. You have to get your message across in the regular fashion. If you ever want to make a music video for a Christian song, you have to do the following things.

1. Make sure your stage name has Jesus in it so we stay focused

Anything Jesus works. Pasuma Jesus, Rihanna Jesus so far it has Jesus inside you’re good to go.

2. Use the first forty seconds to just mess around while the soundtrack plays

Of course you paid for the beat, and the camera man so let your audience enjoy just random scenes.

3. Tell a brief story or introduction to what your video is going to be about

What the song is meant for, who it is meant for and maybe the Lord’s prayer,

4. Make sure you show your dancers are wearing church approved clothes

Because Christian music, Christian clothes, cover up well. Look like Mary.

5. Add an element of surprise

Because Jesus can just come out in the video without warning

6. Another surprise: doves can fly out at anytime

7. Set your autotune to 100

Who wants to listen to a natural voice? Please let your voice sound supernatural like its not from Earth.

8. Always include “in the studio” scene

So we don’t doubt that it is you that really sang the song.


Yo have to let your viewers know it is a Christian music video in case they forgot.

10. Make sure your choreography looks funny

This will probably make people continue watching the videos till the end.

11. For your location either use a church, beach or somewhere in the bush

It must either reflect nature, or church or you can use a ridiculous background.

12. Always put somebody wearing all white in there

We think it is to represent purity, as per Christians are pure.

13. Make sure the whole crew is wearing the same thing

To represent brothers or sisters in the Lord.

14. If there is no choir the video is pointless

Because we will sing as a choir in Heaven. Always remind people.

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