Lost in Translation – The 52 Times Subtitles were Misinterpreted in Yoruba Nollywood Movies

March 14, 2016

Nollywood is a film industry with immense diversity — just like the country where it is situated. And because of this, the movies are produced in various languages. There are the English movies and there are the Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa movies.

The most advanced of these three is the one in which the Yoruba language is spoken. It still has it’s setbacks, but the major one is in it’s translated subtitles. Nigerians are well aware of the blunders made by translators of Yoruba movies. It’s hilarious to those who watch them, whether or not they understand the language, because everyone can understand the subtitles.

This is a list of the funny faux pas in the movie subtitles.

About the jealous girl.

Funny Yoruba Subtitle 1- Zikoko

They played together and she got pregnant.

Funny Yoruba Subtitle 2- Zikoko

About arguing with the boss.

Funny Yoruba Subtitle 3- Zikoko

About striking the deal.

Funny Yoruba Subtitle 5- Zikoko

This question.

Funny Yoruba Subtitle 6- Zikoko

This guy is king.

Funny Yoruba Subtitle 7- Zikoko

She got sexually defrauded.

Funny Yoruba Subtitle 8- Zikoko

This woman isn’t having a good morning.

Funny Yoruba Subtitle 9- Zikoko

This guy entered one chance.

Funny Yoruba Subtitle 10- Zikoko

About Rukayat’s case.

Funny Yoruba Subtitle 12- Zikoko

This person died.

Funny Yoruba Subtitle 13- Zikoko

About abortion.

Funny Yoruba Subtitle 14- Zikoko

Discovering pregnancy.

Funny Yoruba Subtitle 16- Zikoko

Eh heh? What if he did?

Funny Yoruba Subtitle 22- Zikoko

He’d like to explain.

Funny Yoruba Subtitle 21- Zikoko

This person is misbehaving.

Funny Yoruba Subtitle 20- Zikoko

Thank God for this pregnancy.

Funny Yoruba Subtitle 19- Zikoko

Is it your own?

Funny Yoruba Subtitle 17- Zikoko

Well… he says he’s virile.

Funny Yoruba Subtitle 23- Zikoko

Where did she get this pregnancy?

Funny Yoruba Subtitle 24- Zikoko


Funny Yoruba Subtitle 25- Zikoko


He’d pay money for this.

Funny Yoruba Subtitle 27- Zikoko

Doing this at gun point.

Funny Yoruba Subtitle 28- Zikoko

What is he trying to say?

Yoruba Subtitles 33- Zikoko

After some time passed.

Yoruba Subtitles 32- Zikoko

Chief was misbehaving.

Yoruba Subtitles 31- Zikoko


Funny Yoruba Subtitle 30- Zikoko

Sade isn’t good material.

Funny Yoruba Subtitle 29- Zikoko


This person was foolish.

Yoruba Subtitles 34- Zikoko

He had amnesia.

Yoruba Subtitles 35- Zikoko

This missed call.

Yoruba Subtitles 36- Zikoko

He got drunk on garri.

Yoruba Subtitles 37- Zikoko

He finished the top of his class.

Yoruba Subtitles 39- Zikoko

He can’t let her go.

Yoruba Subtitles 44- Zikoko

Learner hits driver.

Yoruba Subtitles 43- Zikoko

She’ll be the shurty.

Yoruba Subtitles 42- Zikoko

We’re sorry for this guy.

Yoruba Subtitles 41- Zikoko

Sprinkling blood.

Yoruba Subtitles 40- Zikoko

This person better speak quick.

Yoruba Subtitles 46- Zikoko

The princess is at fault.

Yoruba Subtitles 45- Zikoko

Give her the juice.

Yoruba Subtitles 47- Zikoko

We don’t get this.

Yoruba Subtitles 48- Zikoko

She painted.

Yoruba Subtitles 53- Zikoko

Arrest your mind.

Yoruba Subtitles 52- Zikoko


A ‘fowl’ play.

Yoruba Subtitles 50- Zikoko

This hissing guy.

Yoruba Subtitles 49- Zikoko

He’s enjoying it.

Yoruba Subtitles 54- Zikoko

She’s beautiful without the effort.

Yoruba Subtitles 55- Zikoko

She’ll give him a ‘birth’.

Yoruba Subtitles 57- Zikoko

Well, he must be good.

Yoruba Subtitles 59- Zikoko

She’s abstaining.

Funny Yoruba Subtitle - Zikoko

Well, this is bad.

Funny Yoruba Subtitle 11- Zikoko


Image credit: Entertaining Africa and Africa Magic Yoruba.


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