Looking At These 11 Pictures Will Play Tricks On Your Mind

March 17, 2016

Whoever said pictures never lie definitely does not live in this century.

Instagram’s official account on the app has a tradition of engaging their followers by throwing creative photo challenges with various hashtags.

These 11 photos were taken with the aim of creating an optical illusion by simply placing objects or people in different positions and taking the photos from various perspectives.

1. This cactus plant with human arms.

2. The grooming of this giant dog.

3. Hanging off a cliff with a friend.

4. How to put bae in your hands and give them a kiss.

5. When a cute ballerina wears a flower tutu skirt.

6. This levitating basketball.

7. This giant human crushing finger.

8. Beware of the giant T-rex dinosaur.

9. Hanging on the edge for your dear life.

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10. Happy tiny humans on a can of potato chips.

11. How many girls can you see in this picture?

We can’t wait for our talented African photographers to join in this challenge and blow our minds.

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