20 Little Things That Actually Make You Smile

October 10, 2016

1. When the agege bread seller comes the exact moment your hunger starts.

2. When you’re in a Danfo and you get the front seat, alone.

3. When you’re dead broke and you remember it’s only 5 days to payday!

4. When the alarm wakes you and you remember there’s a public holiday!

5. When you’re hungry AF, and someone offers you free food.

6. When you’re mentally calculating your transport fare and one angel offers you a free ride.

7. When your siblings want to report you to your parents, but they end up doing themselves.

8. That moment your mom uses a chicken feather to clean your ears.

9. That glorious moment when you get home after a long day and there’s light.

10. When you want to wash your jeans and you find money in the pockets.

11. You, when you hear your ex’s girlfriend dumped him.

12. When you think you’ve used up your stew for the week but you find some in the freezer.

13. Those blissful weekends when the rain blesses us with cool weather.

14. That moment when a random stranger smiles at you on the road.

15. Those cold days when you stay tucked in bed for hours.

16. When it’s your turn to wash plates but your brother already did it for you.

17. When you’re on your period, but you have zero cramps.

18. That amazing feeling you get when you take a cold drink on a very hot afternoon.

19. When your crush finally asks if you’re seeing someone.

20. When you’re randomly tuning the radio and your favorite song comes on.

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