12 Phrases You’ll Never Get Unless You Learnt How To Drive In Nigeria

May 11, 2016

1. “Reverse back.”

Nigerianism for ‘reverse’.

2. “Dey come, dey come, just dey come.”

Nigerianism for ‘keep reversing’.

3. “Cut your hand small.”

Nigerianism for ‘turn the steering wheel a little’.

4. “Cut it full.”

Nigerianism for ‘turn the steering wheel all the way’.

5. “Oya match brake”

Nigerianism for ‘hit the brakes’.

6. “Oya straight your taya.”

Nigerianism for ‘stop turning the steering wheel’.

7. “Return your hand.”

Nigerianism for ‘turn the steering wheel to its original position’.

8. “Watch your side.”

Nigerianism for ‘use your side mirrors’.

9. “On your traffigator.”

Nigerianism for ‘use your indicators’.

10. “Oya go go, put your head”

Nigerianism for ‘go in front of that car’.

11. “Blow your horn.”

Nigerianism for ‘use your car horn’.

12. “Press your turtle.”

Nigerianism for ‘press your throttle’.

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