16 Things That All Lazy People Will Completely Relate To

March 3, 2016

1. When you start making food, but the ‘making’ starts looking too stressful.

As long as something is entering my mouth.

2. You, when someone wakes you up from sleep.

You evil troll!

3. When you think about exercising but then you decide that sleeping is better.


4. When you wake up on Monday and realize that it’s Monday.

Please don’t make me…

5. When you’re forced to watch one channel because the remote is 5 inches away.

Too far.

6. When you have kids and you can now make them get the remote that’s in front of you.

My turn!

7. When someone invites you to go out and you realize you have to wear clothes.

Why do you want to stress me?

8. When they cancel the plans they made with you.

LMAO! I’m not even mad.

9. When someone tries to get you to work harder than you’re used to.

Am I not doing enough already?

10. When your mom tries to get you to arrange your room.

I’m not ready.

11. Wardrobes mean nothing to you.

I have a system, please.

12. When you just sat down and someone else wants to send you on an errand.

Kuku kill me.

13. When you have to pee, but you already tucked yourself into bed.


14. When someone ties a reward to extra work – and you want the reward.

What do I do? Do I do the work?

15. When you want to go get something but you don’t want to get up.

Crawling is fine too.

16. You, when someone says the key to success is hard work.

Shut up.

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