Ladies, This Is The Complete Guide To Hooking Up With Man (Uber Edition)

December 8, 2016

1. Ladies, let’s be honest; a lot of us are single and searching.

2. Even though some of you like to pretend you’re in a relationship; but are you really your bae’s bae?

3. But it appears Nigerian girls are taking this search-for-bae game to another level!

4. Babes are now hooking up and getting married to rich and fine Uber drivers.

5. They say some Uber drivers are actually very rich, and just do the job because they’re bored.

6. First of all, we have to stop ordering normal Ubers; Uber Black is the way forward, so gather your savings.

7. And we can’t even order the Uber to places like clubs- it has to be church, mosque, weddings, schools and other responsible-looking places like that.

8. In fact, when the Uber arrives, you have to chook your pride in your pocket and sit in front so you can form conversation face to face.

9. Remember to check the driver’s hand for a ring; in short, if he has a ring, just cancel the stupid trip!

10. Let your home training shine brightly during the trip, so they know you’re wife material, 100 yards.

11. And when they try to prove stubborn by not asking for your number after the trip, make sure you run to give them.

12. By the time you order the 10th Uber, you would have met Prince Charming for sure!

13. And you can tell your village people to die, because their plans have failed!

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