17 Things That Only Ladies With Small Boobs Will Understand

November 10, 2015

1. When you wear pushup bras to give your boobs a little boost, but your boobs just simply disagree.

These boobs are testing me, oh lord!

2. When people speak about cleavage and you’re just confused. What is that please?

Explain to me, please.

3. Then you have to push your boobs together to see what actual cleavage looks like.


4. When you get caught staring at another girl’s boobs.

Someone cannot envy again?

5. When you form putting your phone in your bra and it falls out.

Nope. Not the best place.

6. When someone tells you, ” You know you don’t really have to wear a bra”.

Are you the keeper of my breasts?

7. But sometimes, you actually just wonder where your boobs went.

Where are they now?

8. When you’re surrounded by girls with bigger boobs, and the low self esteem just sets in.

It isn’t fair.

9. You fake extra boobs sometimes. And that’s fine.

Don’t judge me please.

10. When you wear a dress without a bra and no one notices.

May god not ignore your efforts.

11. Everyone got boobs in SS1, but you were patient. But now you’re 22 and you’re STILL waiting.

When are they really coming?!

12. When you try on your A cups and they still fit perfectly.

Not even a bit.

13. When you realise that when guys talk about liking girls with “smaller boobs,” they really mean C cups.

I’m not crying.

14. When people say “Don’t worry, when you get pregnant they’ll get bigger for a while.”

Why you lying?!

15. Then you secretly wonder if your breasts are even big enough to feed your future children.

Is that weird?

16. When larger-chested ladies tell you you’re “soooo lucky” you don’t have to deal with back pain.

Will you shut the hell up!

17. But then you remember that there’s no sagging in your future. Winning!

Still fabulous.


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