5 Incredibly Bomb Foods You Must Try When You Visit Anambra

5 Incredibly Bomb Foods You Must Try When You Visit Anambra
March 25, 2017

1. The delicious Ofe Onugbu

As with any southern soup, Ofe Onugbu(Bitter leaf soup) is basically heaven sent. You can have it with any swallow but I recommend pounded yam!

2. Ofe Akwu

If you love Banga soup, you’ll love Ofe Akwu even more. Igbos typically serve it with yam or boiled plantain.

3. The all-mighty Nkwobi

If you don’t try this tastefully prepared cow-leg and sauce combo in Anambra, what are you really doing there?

4. Let’s not forget the crispy and delicious Abacha

The first time I tried this, my taste buds literally exploded with delight. Plus it’s so light-as in, African Salad- that you can eat as much as you want.

5. We can never leave out Ukwa

Made with African Breadfruit, this meal is rich in protein and can be prepared in a plain way or in a jollof way.

If you love Ukwa, you’ll love Maggi’s #DeliciousNaija Onitsha episode

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