If Your Bank Stresses You Out This Is For You

December 21, 2016

1. When you want to just open an account and they bring one million forms to fill.

2. When it’s taking a million years for them to sort out your BVN number.

3. When it takes an additional one million years to get your debit card.

4. When your debit alerts are quick to appear and credit alerts are slow to enter.

5. When the bank starts telling you stories about their nonsense bank charges.

6. When you conduct a foreign transaction and your bank exchange rate wants to kill you.

7. When your bank starts doing concert and food festival as if that’s their work.

8. When the bank app is just a waste of space because it doesn’t work.

9. When ordinary cheque clearance takes over 3 days.

10. When you want to close your account and they now start disturbing you with offers to do better.

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