13 Reasons Suicide Squad Was Just Like Secondary School

August 23, 2016
After watching Suicide Squad, we found ourselves comparing a lot of the characters and scenarios to secondary school. So we decided to share 13 ways the movie brought back those secondary school memories:

1. The class teacher

Whether she likes you or not, she will still punish and stress you for no reason.

2. The class captain

Always writing names of noisemakers and doing as if he is better than everybody.

3. The most popular boy in class

He has all the jokes and everyone wants to be his friend.

4. The problem child

Always in trouble and tormenting students and staff alike with his mischief. The only person that can talk to him is his girlfriend.

5. The fighter

One day one trouble. She is ready to beat any and everybody over anything.

6. The big scary guy

No one knows if it is that he is just huge or he has repeated like 3 times. Only says about 3 words a day.

7. The hottest babe in class

Very crazy but she gets a pass because she is fine and her boyfriend is even more crazy than her.

8. The immature one

Everything is a joke. Always shining teeth around the school campus.

9. The anti-social one

Doesn’t really want to be anyone’s friend or talk to anyone. The class isn’t even that sure of his name.

10. The motivational speaker

He is always using every opportunity to preach whether or not anyone asked him.

11. The goth chick

She is always studying about witchcraft and funny things like that. Has no friends.

12. The class picture

Everybody in their element!

13. When a rival secondary school class tries to come for them, they’re like:

Best friends … for now!

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