How To Survive Christmas Shopping In Nigeria

1. It’s time to fight the battle of the year again!

2. Ensure your batteries are well charged. You’ll be spending the whole day on your feet. No retreat and no surrender.

3. Forget the outside world exists. It’s too late to go back now. The market is your new home.

4. Make sure your bargaining skills are on fleek. Ordinary basket of tomatoes for 20 thousand?

5. Brush up your Pidgin and Yoruba. English won’t be sufficient for this trip and make sure you don’t utter these words:

6. Figure out a way to navigate the crowd or you’ll get crushed. I’ve said my own.

7. Turn on your eagle vision so you can spot the best bargains. Your neck should be stretched out permanently too.

8. Know what you need or spend the whole trip thinking about what you forgot.

9. Don’t forget your poker face. Don’t even smile.

10. Grab every item as fast as as you can. Don’t forget to do your victory dance. It’s not easy to have the fastest fingers.

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