How To Find Nigerian Food Abroad

November 28, 2015
Leaving the shores of Nigeria could be a challenge or induce a culture shock to some especially when you are addicted to Nigerian food. For those who cannot live without it, here are some useful tips to finding food you want overseas.

1. First whip out your phone and…

Sometimes you may just get a bunch of random blog sites telling you about random African food. So annoying when you are hungry. Is that why we are here?

2. Look for any Nigerian.

This should not be a hard task as there are Nigerians even on Mars I suppose. Best bet is they know where you can find Nigerian food. I mean how else will they have survived!

3. For students, Look out for one of these:

10 out of 10 times you will find Nigerians, and people that know where to get the best food items you crave.

4. International Aisles:

For any big supermarket chain, run all the way to the aisle marked “International”. You may be lucky to get some items you are used to seeing in Nigeria (especially Indomie or Maggi).

5. Asian Stores:

Funny enough these brothers of ours have some items that we love! Like Palm Oil. Yes Palm Oil. There is something about Asians and Africans…

6. Caribbean Stores:

These stores could also have a number of items that you may want. Caribbean food is really a lot similar to African/Nigerian food. Remember to say Wagwan when you enter.

7. African Stores:

They never fail. I mean its supposed to be an “African Store” but most times are owned by Nigerians and have 70% Nigerian food items. It has everything from Suya to Dudu Osun trust me.

8. Nigerian Weddings/Events:

This is one default place to find Nigerian food of course. Be ears to the ground for happenings within the Nigerian community and grace the occasion with your presence and empty tummy. The food is always Lit!

9. Church/Mosque:

If all else fails, run to God, literally. Almost every Nigerian church/Mosque abroad serves Nigerian food after service. Just wait after service and you will be blessed! These are just a few ways you can get that steaming hot plate of Jollof or Egusi soup and poundo wherever you are in the world. Don’t say we did not tell you!

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