How To Be Romantic During A Recession

September 27, 2016

1. Be generous with verbal affection, you kuku can’t afford anything else.

Every small thing “I love you”.

2. What a restaurant can do, a buka can do better.

See Agege bread and stew!

3. Only fall in love with someone that lives near you, money for transport cannot be too much.

Local love is better.

4. No need for ice cream, stick to frozen kunu.

It’s better.

5. No need to eat out actually, you and your partner should just be fasting.

Jesus did it, you will not die don’t worry.

6. Cuddle in the danfo so you only pay for one seat.

It’s not lapping it’s cuddling.

7. No need to call unless it’s free midnight phonecall.

The love talk is even sweeter at night.

8. No need to go to the cinema, just allow Alaba boys hook you up.

Even if the film is not clear you will get the gist of the story!

9. Barb his hair for him, and plait her hair for her!

Even if it’s ugly you people are making memories and saving money.

10. Don’t acknowledge any birthday or anniversary

“Every day is a special day with you”

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