How To Be A Successful Side Boyfriend

December 9, 2015
Statistics show that there are more women than men; and we know sharing is caring. Being a side-boyfriend can be one of the hardest and easiest jobs, depending on a lot of factors. If you have been failing or want to be better at it, this is the list for you.

1. First you have to know your position.

As a side boyfriend, set and respect your “boundaries”. No more no less. This is really important.

2. You have to be super caring.

Women love guys that are caring when their boyfriends are not doing their job.

3. You have to be this guy.

Because you will need to make her laugh when her boyfriend makes her sad.

4. No matter how boring her day was…

Always be ready to listen or pretend to listen.

5. Get rid of emotions.

Remind yourself, you are not the boyfriend. Think with your head always.

6. In case you are a very emotional person, you will need this.

Because these feelings like to creep in at unwanted or unnoticed times.

7. You have to step up your acting skills.

Just in case something goes wrong that was not planned for.

8. And when her relationship begins to have problems…

You have to be Dr. Phil and give her the best advice so she stays in the relationship.

9. And when the relationship is going too good and she forgets you.

Never forget. Just hold on.

10. You have to own one of these.

We don’t make the rules, but rumor has it that every side boyfriend has one of them.

11. You must always have one of these on standby.

For when she wants some in-house entertainment and distraction from her boyfriend.

12. But never forget.

Always stay and play safe.


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