Here’s Why Nigerians Love Goya Olive Oil

October 9, 2018
Since time immemorial Nigerians have had a special relationship with Goya Olive Oil. We don’t know how it started or when it started but we can’t get over these creative ways Nigerians have chosen to use Goya.

As anointing oil.

Go to any church in Nigeria where anointing oil is used and we can guarantee you it’ll be Goya.

To cook.

Of course, this is after it has been turned into anointing oil by your church.

To protect yourself from your enemies.

Rub it on your head morning afternoon and night and the people from your village will not find you.

As medicine.

Whether it’s malaria or cough just drinking one spoonful every day until you are healed.

To protect ourselves after coming in contact with one of our enemies.

If that woman they said is a witch from your father’s village should touch you, just use Goya to rub where she touched you and nothing can happen.

As body lotion when you run out of cream.

You’ll just be shining and glowing in the Lord when you use it.

To deliver you from evil spirits.

Is any deliverance complete without anointing oil?

Please what else do Nigerians use Goya Olive Oil for?

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