Guys, Here Is How You Attend Your Ex’s Wedding In Grand Style!

October 17, 2016

1. So you got home after a long, hard day of working for your daily bread.

This life is not easy.

2. And your brothers are looking at you like.

“Egbon you are welcome!”

3. You think they want money, and want to quickly run away before they can ask you.

No money for anybody

4. All of a sudden one of them says “sorry” and drops something on the table.

Which kind of problem is this?

5. It’s a wedding invite from your ex.

Ahn ahn!

6. She is getting married to that her blockhead of a boyfriend.

What rubbish!

7. Okay oh! No problem!

We will see ourselves!

8. The morning of the wedding you scrub your body 11 times.

So you can shine brighter than her new husband’s ogo.

9. Then you wear the nicest native you have in your wardrobe because you cannot carry last.

Before they say you came looking wretched.

10. And carry your finest female friend so people can think you sef will soon marry.

Yes oh!

11. When it’s time to dance, you give them your best moves.

As per Michael Jackson junior!

12. You even buy a very big wedding present, so everyone can see you are a very good person.

Kindest fellow.

13. You don’t leave early oh!

No you must stay!

14. And throughout you must smile like:

“I’m so so so so so happy”

15. When you are about to leave you must greet her whole family.

“I was almost one of you but your daughter does not have good taste!”

16. Then you pictures of you attending wedding all over social media.

So everyone knows that even one bad belle, you don’t have.

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