The Differences Between Growing Up In A Nigerian Home And Growing Up Anywhere Else

August 5, 2016

1. When you misbehave anywhere else:

When you misbehave in a Nigerian home:

How will they now ground someone they don’t even allow to go out?

2. The washing machine anywhere else:

The washing machine in a Nigerian home:

Your clothes oh, your parents’ clothes oh, your neighbour’s clothes sef, all join. You will wash.

3. When your parents see you resting anywhere else:

When your parents see you resting in a Nigerian home:

What have you done that you are resting?

4. The dishwasher everywhere else:

The dishwasher in a Nigerian home:

That big pot on the stove is sha your worst enemy.

5. Saturday mornings anywhere else:

Saturday mornings in a Nigerian home:

You will clean the house till it’s time to go to church the next day.

6. The car wash everywhere else:

The car wash in a Nigerian home:

You will wash under the car join.

7. Before you go to bed anywhere else:

Before you go to bed in a Nigerian home:

Bedtime stories ke? Read your bible and sleep biko.

8. The TV remote anywhere else:

The TV remote in a Nigerian home:

Which one is remote when you are there to change channel.

9. How your parents wake you up for school anywhere else:

How your parents wake you up for school in a Nigerian home:

Better wear your uniform and be going to school.

10. The vacuum cleaner anywhere else:

The vacuum cleaner in a Nigerian home:

Oya go and carry that broom and packer.

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