How To Be A Good Guest, Zikoko Style

February 6, 2017

1. So if you are someone that doesn’t like to stay in one place.

2. You like visiting! Which means food, friends and family time!

3. But before you go and disgrace us….

4. Allow zikoko teach you how to be the perfect guest.

5. First of all make sure you are actually invited to the place you are going to oh!

6. Also, it’s better not to go empty handed. Buy a gift!

7. Don’t start fighting the caterers or waiters because of small chops.

8. Don’t overstay your welcome please, after 2 hours carry your wahala and be going.

9. Don’t be dragging remote control with the owners of the house.

10. If you use their toilet, please flush oh!

11. And finally, make sure you say thank you for the invite oh!

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