For Every Nigerian Who Grew Up Being The Black Sheep Of Their Family

November 27, 2019

Every Nigerian family has that child, the black sheep that doesn’t conform to their parents’ expectations, either because they are legit troublemakers or because they simply don’t share the same beliefs. If you grew up being that kid, then you’ll relate to this post.

Using your sibling to convince your parents

Growing up as the black sheep in a Nigerian family, you could never directly ask your parents for anything. You always had to go through your siblings. If you didn’t say, “Junior, tell mummy to allow us to go to Ope’s birthday party”, you were definitely going to sleep at home.

Your siblings got away with things you couldn’t dream of

While you were getting slippers and eba sticks thrown at you for every little thing you, it seemed your siblings could never upset your parents. Even when they made the exact same mistake that got you beaten for 30 minutes straight, your parents just shrugged it off. 

Getting blamed for all the nonsense your siblings did

Whenever your parents managed to acknowledge the fact that one of your siblings just fucked up, you somehow still got blamed for it. It’s either you “set a bad example” or you “allowed them to do it”. At some point, you just accepted the fact that you could never win. 

You always got the worst gifts

Whenever your parents got everyone gifts, you either didn’t get one or you got the absolute worst one. At this point, your parents were no longer even trying to pretend that they loved all their kids equally. They’d get everyone watches and give you Okin biscuit.

Getting compared to every child under the sun

As the black sheep, every single child your parents ever came across was unequivocally better than you. You got compared to everyone, from your distant cousin to the pastor’s niece. Even the kids you knew damn well were way worse than you were put on a pedestal.

Having periodic interventions by aunties and uncles

There was always one aunty or uncle being sent by your folks to come “talk some sense” into you. While they were never as harsh or overbearing as your folks, it was still very annoying, especially since you knew just how much your cousins screwed up as well. 

Your parents eventually gave up

After years of stressing, beating and disturbing the hell out of your life, old age finally took over and your parents just freed. Sure, they still bring up the mistakes you’ve made, but it’s clear that they’ve given up on the dream of you actually becoming a different person.


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