When You Finally Start Being Honest With Your Mum

January 5, 2017

1. So you overhear your mother talking about you to her friends.

2. And you realise the woman doesn’t really know you like that!

3. So you decide to rectify the situation.

4. Before she hears about some of your antics and is like:

5. So the next time she asks you about that ugly dress she really loves…

6. … you say “sorry ma but it’s a no form me”.

7. And then you finally admit that you suspect that her “prophet” is a fraud oh!

8. And now she’s praying for the safety of your soul like:

9. Then you finally admit you have a boyfriend.

10. And when next she asks you were you’re going you actually tell her the truth.

11. Now she is looking at you all the time like:

12. But you are happy and can sleep like a baby, now that you have stopped lying!

13. At least for the most part!

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