16 Signs Your Friend Is Really An Enemy Of Progress

April 14, 2016

1. When you ask them to take a good picture of you and they take one that makes you look like melted amala.


2. And when they want to post a picture of you, they put the one where you look absolutely disgusting.

Who sent you?

3. When something good happens to you and instead of “congratulations”, you hear “you were lucky that..”


4. When you’re around your crush of life and they start reminding you of every bad thing that has happened to you.

“Remember that time you fell inside the gutter?”

5. When they know your bae is cheating on you but they allow you act the fool and be forming love on social media.

God will remove you from my life.

6. When they go on Twitter and divulge all your business in the name of ‘bants’.

You are *clap..clap* CUT OFF!

7. When they publicly share screenshots of your chat in your private Whatsapp group.


8. When you tell them to lie to your bae for you and they ‘forget’.

He still won’t date you sha.

9. When they tell you someone is not good for you, and the next thing they’re engaged to him.

Wait what?

10. When you ask them if an outfit looks good on you and they say yes, but you out here looking like Dencia at the Grammys.

It’s like you’re mad.

11. When you use them to lie to your parents when you go out. And then your parents call them and they say “Ah, Seyi is not here ma!”

They better adopt your snitching ass.

12. When you look hot in an outifit and they say you should change because they don’t want you to look hotter than them.


13. When you tell them a secret, and the next thing it’s on the internet.

Please exit my life.

14. When every compliment from them is a veiled insult.

“It’s so great, the way you don’t care about the way you look when you leave the house.” Thank you. Please, come and be going.

15. When you buy something, and they buy the exact same thing the next day so that you don’t have anything nicer than them.

Wo! It’s not a competition now?

16. When you start talking about your problems and they find a way to make it about them.

Are you the sun? Because the earth must revolve around you.

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