16 Dining Hall Struggles Every Nigerian Boarder Will Remember

July 12, 2016

1. When a senior wants to punish you some minutes to dining time.

Don’t let the devil use you.

2. When your provisions have finished and you hear dining bell.

Can’t come and carry last.

3. When you can see them about to close the dining hall door.

God forbid.

4. When someone tries to jump the line to collect food.

Please just respect yourself.

5. When the dining hall prefect asks “who wants extra plantain?”

See question oh!

6. You, watching two seniors fight in the dining hall.

Are you not entertained?

7. How the dining hall looks when the food is jollof rice and chicken:

Who no like better thing?

8. When you get to the hall 5 minutes late and you hear food has finished.

Are you people animals?

9. The hall, when a senior declares “MASSACRE”:

Every man for himself.

10. How you eat when your guy gets chosen to be dining hall prefect:


11. When they take light in the hall and everyone starts shouting.

Are you people not Nigerians again?

12. When you’re hungry and that wicked senior tells you to bring your food.

Is it fair?

13. When someone brings milk to the hall on pap and akara day.

Our hero.

14. When the dining hall prefect calls for extra food.

We hail oh!

15. When they are serving beans and all the girls are forming.

Starve oh!

16. When you’re still eating and you hear “LEAVE THE DINING HALL”


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