The Different Ways Nigerian Parents Say ‘I Love You’

October 27, 2016

1. When they say: “try this if it’s your size.”

You’ll probably look like this after, but all na love.

2. When they find out you haven’t eaten all day.

“Why are you doing this to me my child?”

3. “Oya bring your plate, let me add extra meat for you.”

If they didn’t do this to you, sorry oh.

4. When you tell them what’s bothering you and they say “so is that all?”

The best!!

5. If you’re still doubting, they’ll now say: “sebi I said I will help you do it?”

It will now turn to vex that you’re doubting them.

6. When you finally gather liver to say you failed an exam and you hear: “it’s okay my child.”

Slap can still follow this one sha, but it’s still love.

7. When they follow you to school to shout at the teacher that wanted to break your head.

‘If anybody is going to break my boy’s head, it will be me.’

8. When they pray for you like:

“Let this be the year Jumoke marries and leaves my house, amen!”

9. When you go to Mr Biggs and they say: ”pick whatever you want!”

Even when they whisper: ”if you like, let it pass 800”, it’s still love.

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