The Different Types Of Wives According To Nollywood

July 18, 2018

According to Nollywood, Nigerian wives are beautiful and diverse creatures, but they must fit into one of these categories.

Because, you know, Nollywood is the ultimate guide.

The lazy wife.

The ones that will hide pots and plates so they won’t have to wash them.

The nagging wife.

Ehn! These ones will use talk and complaints to kill you.

The prayer warrior.

Mama routinely fires demons back to hell on behalf of the entire family.

The troublemaker.

Anywhere, anytime, these ones are ready to fight you, verbally or physically.

The long-suffering wife.

Superwoman! Champion! These ones are ride or die, even through the most impossible situations.

The barren wife.

“Ordinary small baby, these ones can’t create. Why are you even a woman?” – Every Annoying Nollywood Character, ever.

The wayward wife.

These ones have joined bad gang.

The evil wife.

It is witchcraft that is usually doing these ones. If you are looking for your child, check their houses.

The rich/spoiled wife.

Apparently, it is too much money that makes these wives behave anyhow. If you annoy them too much, they will just call daddy.

The illiterate wife.

“Wawu! Machine that can wash cloth?” They usually bring these ones from the village.
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