14 Pictures For Any Nigerian Who Has Ever Used Contact Lenses

May 3, 2016

1. You, the first time you ever tried to put them in your eyes.

The struggle.

2. When your friend tells you how easy it is to wear them.

Na so.

3. When you put your contacts in and your eyes start itching.

Hay God!

4. When people ask you how you can put your finger in your eyes.

Is it your eyes?

5. When you realize how expensive they are.

Na wa oh.

6. When you wear coloured contacts and people ask if you’re mixed race.

Are you joking?

7. When you see someone putting their contacts in with long fingernails.

I hail you.

8. How you wake up after falling asleep with your contacts in.


9. How your parents react to your coloured contacts:

Mummy, calm down.

10. When one of your lenses falls out of your eye.


11. When you have to put the contacts you just picked from the floor back in your eyes.


12. Your eyes during harmattan:

I’m dying.

13. When you want to take out your contacts but you can’t find the case.

What is this nonsense?

14. When you don’t put them in a contact solution and they dry up.

Oh God!

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