Can You Go Through This Post Without Feeling Seriously Old?

September 23, 2016

While writing Tech Cabal’s daily digest, our very own Tola was hit by nostalgia and decided to compile TV shows we all watched as children.

So writing today’s TC digest made me think of some old tv shows I watched as a child.

— Fird (@Fyrdausi) September 22, 2016

1. ‘Allo Allo’ and it’s catchy theme song.

I’ll start with the obvious one – ‘Allo ‘Allo.

Can’t remember the plot. Lovely theme song. — Fird (@Fyrdausi) September 22, 2016

2. The incredible Fawlty Towers

Fawlty Towers.

Can only remember Manuel and his pet hamster. — Fird (@Fyrdausi) September 22, 2016

3. The sad story of ‘Rentaghost’


Someone’s parents didn’t know he was dead. Still know the theme song. — Fird (@Fyrdausi) September 22, 2016

4. ‘Terrahawks’ had an interesting witch


There was some scary-ass “witch”…and those robot things. — Fird (@Fyrdausi) September 22, 2016

5. The superhero Silverhawks squad


One episode, they strayed towards a “star” that made good guys bad, and bad guys good. — Fird (@Fyrdausi) September 22, 2016

6. Can you remember watching G-Force on NTA?


I have noooo idea what it was about. There was a guy that couldn’t speak or something. — Fird (@Fyrdausi) September 22, 2016

7. And Superglobetrotters…

The Super Globetrotters

Don’t know what this was about, either. Well, basketball, obviously. But yeah… — Fird (@Fyrdausi) September 22, 2016

8. Super Force was too lit!

Super Force

6 words – Super Force will be right back — Fird (@Fyrdausi) September 22, 2016

9. We all loved Sledge Hammer and his gun

Sledge Hammer

Stubborn. He had a special gun. “Trust me, I know what I’m doing”. And Isuzu Tiger advert. — Fird (@Fyrdausi) September 22, 2016

10. And Ovide and the Gang…

Ovide and the Gang

For the longest time, I thought it was called “Ovide’s Video” because theme song. — Fird (@Fyrdausi) September 22, 2016

11. This one that brings fresh childhood memories.

The Bear, the tiger and the others.

Loved, loved this one. Can’t remember much, but I really did love it. — Fird (@Fyrdausi) September 22, 2016

12. The legendary German detective, Derrick


German detective. All I remember. — Fird (@Fyrdausi) September 22, 2016

13. The teenagers in ‘Kidd Video’were the best

Kidd Video

Googled lyrics from the theme song to get the name. Teenagers that turned to cartoons or something — Fird (@Fyrdausi) September 22, 2016

Chuckle Hounds

One episode made me think umbrellas could double as satellite dishes. — Fird (@Fyrdausi) September 22, 2016

15. One word, ‘Pingu’


No words (hahahaha) — Fird (@Fyrdausi) September 22, 2016

16. The unforgettable ‘Telematch’


’twas fun to watch — Fird (@Fyrdausi) September 22, 2016

17. This one that made us love NTA even more.

Secret of the sand

Twin sisters. Some goth chick named Malu or something — Fird (@Fyrdausi) September 22, 2016

18. Isaura and it’s catchy theme song


“White” slave. Portuguese theme song (can still sing it). Sauti Sol used it in one of their songs. — Fird (@Fyrdausi) September 22, 2016

19. The interesting Sport Billy

Sport Billy

Don’t know the story. Let’s talk about the fact that EVERYTHING was in that bag. Guitar interludes. — Fird (@Fyrdausi) September 22, 2016

20. The very hilarious ‘Fraggle Rock’

Fraggle Rock

One word – radishes Wait, there was an episode someone told a joke and people could’t stop laughing — Fird (@Fyrdausi) September 22, 2016

21. Rosa Salvaje, the tomboy we all loved

Rosa Salvaje

Tomboy. — Fird (@Fyrdausi) September 23, 2016

22. Which other shows can you remember from your childhood? Let us know in the comments section.

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