9 #BidoungChallenge Pictures From Cameroonians That Will Seriously Crack You Up

December 13, 2016
Cameroonians are trending #BidoungChallenge after the Sports Minister, Pierre Bidoung greeted President Paul Biya ‘too respectfully’.

Apparently, simple Yoruba home training is amusing Cameroonians.

Is this not how we greet every day?

1. They’re seriously finding the minister’s greeting too funny!

Someone even did the math and found out the Bearing and Distance!

2. Just look at!

3. Even this small girl has joined.

4. These people are just rude!

5. These ones have changed the game, though!

6. Did they just turn their president into a dog?

7. Has it now reached this level?

8. It’s never that deep now!

9. We’re done! Just done!

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