My Awful Salon Experience

December 10, 2016

1. So as a fine girl, I always have to look on point.

2. So in order to do that, I made an appointment at the salon to maintain my fab!

3. When I got there they said my regular hairdresser was not available.

4. But I was so desperate I was ready to try a new person.

5. I explained carefully the funky style I wanted and the hairdresser assured me she could do it.

6. She was even annoyed that I was trying to smear her professionalism.

7. Anyway I relaxed, and she started doing my hair.

8. Halfway through my hair appointment my hairdresser walked in.

9. All of a sudden a shouting match started.

10. Apparently the lady doing my hair had been poaching my hairdressers clients

11. Before I could talk the argument got physical.

12. I was just looking with my half done hair like:

13. That’s how someone called police and they carted the stylists away.

14. Ladies and gentlemen I was still there with my half hair jagga jagga oh.

15. Someone said I should just do bad guy and say that’s the style of the hair.

16. That is how I started crying in the middle of the salon.

17. After all the tears in my body finished I carried my head like that and went home oh.

18. For one week I was wearing different hats and tying different scarves.

19. And I never went back to that salon again.

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