Anyone Who Has Worked With Nigerians Will Understand This Perfectly

July 9, 2016

1. When your coworker wants you to come and pick him/her every morning

Are you buying me fuel?

2. When Wale from head office is always coming 40 minutes late for every meeting

We that came here early, do we have three heads?

3. That coworker that is always over excited

What is always “sweeting” this one?

4. Monday morning and someone has body odor enough to suffocate

My God. Has water finished in your side of this country?

5. Office people and minding their business

They don’t go together.

6. When one of your coworkers is always asking you out to dinner

You’ve been getting ‘no’ since 2014. You no dey tire?

7. When one of your coworkers is always coming for advice

Every time one problem or the other.

8. When you realize you actually wasted your time advising them

Please don’t come and disturb me ever again.

9. When someone removes his/her shoe and renders the air unsafe

Why do you do this everyday?

10. When Emeka from customer care is never at his desk but everywhere else

Is there soldier ant on your seat?

11. You when the SU of the office is always trying to invite you for fellowship

Ahan, is it not the same heaven we are going?

12. That coworker that is always kissing the ass of all the ogas

You no dey tire?

13. When Haruna always shows up with Sallah meat


14. When you see the serial money borrower coming to your desk

I’m not even here.

15. Those coworkers that want to take the shine when they didn’t do anything

If you don’t get out.

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