All The Wahala That Comes With Being The Olodo Sibling

December 24, 2016

1. When they call your brother 5 times on prize giving day and they don’t call your name

Is this how life is?

2. You, thinking of all the cane you’ll chop when you get home.

Am I not in trouble like this?

3. When your class teacher wants to give report cards your heart is like:

I don’t want to be last position again o!

4. When she now starts looking at you with pity

Is that a sign?

5. When they now give you report card and you’re 34th of 35 people in your class.


6. You, when your brother now asks you to help him carry his plenty gifts.

Carry it on your head, Sir!

7. When you get home and your mum is waiting for you like:

“Ehen? Oya where is the result?”

8. And you already know today will be trouble!

Is this how I die?

9. You, when your mumyy finishes your life with cane

Is this woman even my mother sef?

10. Every time you do something she’s like:

“That’s why you don’t know anything!”

11. When they now buy gifts for your brother and forget you

Is it my fault I don’t know book, though?

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