All The Things That Happen When The Devil Is Following You

February 16, 2017

1. So you’ve just been given one fantastic appointment that will bring plenty money

2. You’re doing great things all around and paparazzi will not even let you rest

3. Your salary is plenty, but there’s even more money just sitting there

4. You’re trying not to look at it but the devil is opening your eyes

5. So you kuku take small and keep straight face

6. … and start buying small small houses upandan, nothing serious you know

7. You even buy your son a small kabu-kabu jet

8. When people say Dangote is the richest in Africa, you’re like:

Yeah right!

9. When people start carrying rumors that you’re stealing, you’re like:

My hands are clean o! It’s only small I took o! Free me, abeg!

10. And your correct boss even has your back!

11. Your face, when you hear there’s a new boss in town and he’s asking for you

12. You, looking for the devil that sent you to come and bail you out

13. When you finally find the devil, it’s like

14. That’s when you know your own has finished

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