All The Reasons January Is the Longest Month

January 17, 2017

1. You have to go back to work after enjoying your holiday.

2. Your crush is now too busy for you.

3. Meanwhile your boyfriend is still there, making noise and being a nuisance.

4. Your bank account is in shambles….

5. … but you still have so many bills to pay.

6. Your aunties resume their “when will you marry” campaign.

7. And if you have kids, no one has magically paid your their school fees for the term.

8. So you’re just praying to make it, like:

9. Everyday you wake up and check the date but somehow it has not passed the 15th of January.

10. Meanwhile every minute seems 6 hours long.

11. Anyway you’re a champion, so you survive…. only to face February like…

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