A Nigerian Guy Made A List Of Things That Are Better Than Sex, And It’s Brilliant!

December 2, 2015
A special thanks to @Shifuphemmy for this brilliant list! Enjoy!

1. (Unexpected) Credit alert.

This will always make you smile.

2. A bottomless nkwobi bowl.

Yup! True.

3. Free, fast unlimited wifi.

Wifi is life. Argue with your laptop.

4. Magic cereal that won’t get soggy no matter how long it stays in the milk.

If this exists, I can die now.

5. Those self-flushing Japanese toilets.

Will it wipe my butt too?

6. Inside Out, the movie, in 4K (Ultra HD).

If you know, you know. Seriously, this isn’t a lie.

7. 1 Dollar = 1 Naira.

*looks longingly at ASOS shopping cart*

8. One day of free shipping.

*orders supplies for the next 1 year*

9. Public holidays.

Bye, bitch!

10. Paid leave.

When this happens, you know you’re in heaven. How does sex even compare?!

11. No traffic when you’re late.

And you say there’s no God?

12. Urinating after holding it in for a long time.


13. When someone dashes you fuel during fuel scarcity.

Your senses are in overdrive. And it’s not from sex.

14. When you’re the only one among your friends who did your BVN on time.

Indescribable feeling, to be honest. [zkk_poll post=11940 poll=content_block_standard_format_15]

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