9 Uni Breakup Stories We Can All Relate To

September 6, 2018

Breakups on their own are horrible, but can you really claim to have had your heartbroken if you didn’t go through a uni breakup? We asked these ten people how their baes broke up with them in Uni and their responses broke our hearts.

“He told me that I was the reason that he was on a 1.4 G.P.A, so we broke up but he still finished with a third class” – Wande

“We had been supposedly dating for a couple of months, caught him with another babe and he said he didn’t know we were in a relationship” – Mariam

“I caught him cheating and he said it wasn’t his fault that, that’s how they are in his family and if I couldn’t accept that we should break up” – Doyin

“He got someone else pregnant by ‘mistake'” – Hauwa

“I found the Instagram page of his real girlfriend he had been dating for years, I was the side chick. Confronted him and he said I thought I knew” – Amaka

“She told me that her grandma had a dream that we should breakup, I found out months later that the grandma in question had died like ten years ago” – Lanre

“She said she wanted to focus on her studies, she started dating my roommate the week after we broke up” – Femi

“I just stopped hearing from her and seeing her around campus, it was weeks later I found out she had transferred to a school in Canada” – Osas

“He told me that if I really truly loved him deep down I had to let him go, till today I still don’t understand what that means” – Funmi

Ever been through a bad Uni breakup? Share with us let us help you deal with the hurt.

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