9 Uni Breakup Stories We Can All Relate To

Breakups on their own are horrible, but can you really claim to have had your heartbroken if you didn’t go through a uni breakup? We asked these ten people how their baes broke up with them in Uni and their responses broke our hearts.

“He told me that I was the reason that he was on a 1.4 G.P.A, so we broke up but he still finished with a third class” – Wande

“We had been supposedly dating for a couple of months, caught him with another babe and he said he didn’t know we were in a relationship” – Mariam

“I caught him cheating and he said it wasn’t his fault that, that’s how they are in his family and if I couldn’t accept that we should break up” – Doyin

“He got someone else pregnant by ‘mistake'” – Hauwa

“I found the Instagram page of his real girlfriend he had been dating for years, I was the side chick. Confronted him and he said I thought I knew” – Amaka

“She told me that her grandma had a dream that we should breakup, I found out months later that the grandma in question had died like ten years ago” – Lanre

“She said she wanted to focus on her studies, she started dating my roommate the week after we broke up” – Femi

“I just stopped hearing from her and seeing her around campus, it was weeks later I found out she had transferred to a school in Canada” – Osas

“He told me that if I really truly loved him deep down I had to let him go, till today I still don’t understand what that means” – Funmi

Ever been through a bad Uni breakup? Share with us let us help you deal with the hurt.

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