9 Things That Make Us Single Girls Thankful AF

February 22, 2017

1. Everyday is no shave day

Nobody will kuku see it!

2. You can wear purple bra with pink panties and not give a single shit

Zero fucks given.

3. Weekends are spent with the actual love of your life: TV

No greater bae is needed.

4. How you flirt with all the boys because you belong to NO ONE!

I’m very free.

5. Valentine’s day is really just for showing yourself more love

But who can love me better than me?

6. You always have credit because no bae, no long calls

If no one calls you, Airtel will sha call you.

7. You can shout ‘MEN ARE SCUM’ with your chest

Scream it out loud without feeling guilty.

8. You’re free to wear your tear-tear pants

Nobody to judge you.

9. And to be honest, you only have to buy new bras like once a while

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